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About me

Hej! Jag är Charlotte.

I am a forth-year student studying Social Policy, Global Health Studies and Data Science at Northwestern University. This Fall quarter, I am studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. I am studying the core course, Public Health & Migration, and Epidemiology: Swedish Case Studies, Swedish Politics and Society, Swedish Language and Culture I, and Songwriting.

I chose to study abroad in Sweden because I want to explore and learn about different public health systems in Europe, and understand the strengths of them and the challenges they face. I am particularly interested in the Public Health & Migration course as I will learn about the public health needs of refugees and immigrants, whom are the populations I want to work with in my future public health career.

In my free time, I love boxing, reading, singing and playing the keyboard and exploring coffee shops. I love trying out new things and visiting new places, both alone and with friends (more fun with friends, in my honest opinion).

Stay tuned for my regularly updated blog posts on my semester here in Sweden!