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Favorite Study Spots in Stockholm

After a couple of months of studying in Stockholm, I have done my fair share of studying. In this blog post, I would like to share with you some study spots that have not been mentioned in the DIS official blog (which has great recommendations!).

#1 Vete-Katten

Vete-Katten on Kungsgatan in T-Centralen is my absolute favorite spot to study in. Located at the heart of the city and less than 20 minutes from DIS, it is a convenient and cozy spot for studying at all times. I was first introduced to this cafe by my friend, Aurora, who studies at Stockholm University. We would find a cozy spot near a power outlet and study hard until they close at 8 pm.

The cafe is usually filled with people grabbing Fika or working. I usually would try to find a seat near their garden because it is quieter and has less foot traffic there. If you enter from their main entrance, you will find yourself facing a counter, on the left you can order food for there, and on the right, you can order food to go. They have a delicious selection of pastries – I have thus far tried their princess cake and Budapest roll – as well as some lunch and dinner options. To find a place to seat, you would likely have to venture deeper into the cafe, pass the second counter and the sign that says “Mot Innergården”, and there you will find a quieter spot and a second entrance that is closer to T-Centralen.

If you are on a budget (like me), you can order a cup of tea or brewed coffee and sit there until they close at 20:00 (8 pm). The downside of the place is that they do not have free wi-fi, but you will figure it out 😉

Address: Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm (and several other branches)

#2 Johan & Nyström

Next up on the list is a coffee chain, Johan & Nyström, with branches all across Stockholm. I visited their branch in Odenplan and enjoyed their study/work-friendly ambiance. It was also where I had a flat white with an adorable teddy bear latte art (pictured in an earlier blog post)

I visited on a Monday afternoon. It was fairly quiet with a few other people working there and a few chatting in pairs. I think the ambiance and the coffee are good for a study session. You could even visit their different branches for a change of scenery! Wifi is available in the cafe.

Address: Odengatan 62, 113 22 Stockholm (and several other branches)

#3 Drop Coffee

Drop Coffee at Södermalm is a lovely work-friendly cafe with fantastic coffee and pastries. On your left-hand side, after you enter the cafe, you will find a table with other remote-working folks on their laptop (yes they have wifi!). There are also different cozy spots in the cafe. I highly recommend their coffee and the ambiance is focus-friendly.

Address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm

#4 Twang

Twang is a cafe, a guitar shop, and a mini concert venue. Here you will find cozy spots to do your readings and catch up on work with speedy wifi. There is a big window facing the streets – perfect if you want to people-watch during your breaks. The cafe is a bit dim so it is also perfect for focusing on your laptop and not your surrounding. The draw of the place? It opens until 22 on Tuesdays -Thursdays and Sundays, and 23 on Fridays and Saturdays. Great for evening studying. Catch a gig after a long day of studying! (Potential downside: could be noisy, especially if there is a show, so plan ahead!)

Address: Katarina Bangata 25, 116 39 Stockholm

#5 DIS

Last but not least, how can we forget our very own campus in Östermalm? Past normal class hours and on weekends, DIS is a cozy and quiet study spot (unless you want to be as far from school as possible when not in classes). With a burger joint, Thai takeout, and numerous other eateries nearby, you will be fueled up for long study sessions. 

It is also the most budget-friendly study spot, especially if you bring your own snack and make use of the teabags available in the student kitchen. I have stayed many evenings at DIS – it is convenient and no one will ever bother you. Just make sure you enter from the DIS entrance and pack up around 21, latest by 22.

Honorable mention: Karla Cafe in Östermalm

A cafe near DIS with great seating areas, pretty good coffee, and pastries. They also offer breakfast and lunch options. It gets busy during lunch hours (with laptops discouraged between 11 – 14) but I recommend studying there in the morning before you head to class or after school.


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